Ezequiel Abregu

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Bowl of secrets (2013)

Bowl of secrets is a generative sound installation created by Damián Anache, Ezequiel Abregu and Martín Matus, for the Nota al pie (Editorial Universidad Nacional de Quilme’s bookstore) opening, held on April 11, 2013.

The approach of the composition is based on the idea of generative music. A computational algorithm was designed in the Pure Data (a.k.a. PD) environment using a system of rules in order to create a structure or sound texture where the sound results are unique each time. Bowl of secrets uses an arrangement of 8 speakers with an uniform and circular distribution as a reproduction device. The work articulates textures typical of electroacoustic music and texts by Erik Satie, using aesthetic criteria typical of the ambient stream. In this aesthetic line, the sound discourse tries to satisfy the listener in two levels: it offers an environment of auditory comfort and, at the same time, it provides a subject of interest in a situation of attentive listening to music. Both conditions work simultaneously without conditioning one reception or another.