Ezequiel Abregu

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Imaginarios de Barrio (2013)

Imaginarios de <Barrio> (<Neighbourhood > imaginaries) is a generative sound installation performed within the framework of the Paternal Art and Politics 2013 call. It was originally presented in multi-channel surround audio system.

Imaginarios de <Barrio> (<Neighbourhood > imaginaries) proposes to rethink the concept of neighbourhood and individual experience in the place of belonging. Crossing elements of the collective imaginary with the staff creates a texture of symbols, anecdotes, emotion and experience.

The sound environment is constructed from a fragmentary and arbitrary register that does not hierarchize sounds or interventions, words or moments, but elaborates unprejudiced links in a dense soundtrack.


Sound Design & Programming:
Ezequiel Abregú / Martín Matus Lerner (MUTE)
Interviews: Heliana Vera

Generative sound installation for surround sound presented in November 2013 in The Night of Museums – The Paternal Space Project (Bs As, Argentina).