Ezequiel Abregu

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Sarmiento’s Journeys (2016)

Four women travel through different landscapes of their memory through a pulse that builds their own cartography. They constellate spectra and landscapes that recover the voices from the stones that the books name as desert. The physical and emotional experience of Sarmiento’s Journeys opens the possibility of inventing a communal, visceral and mestizo body anchored in the present.

Sound design, original music & live performance for Sarmiento’s Journeys, directed by Marina Sarmiento.

Sarmiento’s Journeys proposes a contemporary and bastard appropriation of the trips that D. F. Sarmiento made during the 19th century. Through an aesthetic contrast in a biographical and singular journey, Marina Sarmiento together with the dancer M. Eugenia Roces, the actresses Cecilia Blanco and Florencia Bergallo and the musician Ezequiel Abregú, seek on stage to put in tension the memory of the body and the landscape.

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Performers/Creatives: Florencia Bergallo, Cecilia Blanco, María Eugenia Roces, Marina Sarmiento / Sound Design & Live Performance: Ezequiel Abregú / Costumes: Belén Parra / Dramaturgy: Ezequiel Steinman / Bibliographic Advice: Julieta Benedetto y Natalia Lerussi / Photo: Marcos Crapa / Graphic Design: Martín Molinaro / Light Designer: Gonzalo Córdova / Sound Assistance: Exequiel Redchuk / Coach: Nicolas Delavanso / Choreograph Assistance: Débora Diskin / Director Assistance: María Eugenia Roces / Executive Producer: Julieta Benedetto / General Production: Cooperativa Los viajes de Sarmiento / Concept, Choreographer & Director: Marina Sarmiento