Ezequiel Abregu

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The Artificial Grandparents (2018)

Constanza (Mexico, 1990) has a house in her head. And it is not exactly that of Sáenz Peña Street 1041 in Zárate, the one that her great-grandparents built and where her mother grew up before her grandparents’ exile.

With the help of “artificial intelligence”, she believes that she can take advantage of that interior house, built by family memory, to recover something of value that vanished when she lost the house.

We accompany her to the door of the house today, but it seems to be more the architecture of another family memory. If memory builds and overwrites in other ways, generating other realities, what value does the truth actual resident in that house have?

Latin American Experimental Hypermedia Center CheLA Buenos Aires, Argentina + Remap Ucla University of California, LA

Performance: Constanza Casamadrid
Multimedia Design: Myriam Beutelspacher Myri Alcántar
Interactivity Design: Juan Camilo León Sarmiento
Dramaturgy and Staging: Ezequiel EC Steinman
Sound Design and Original Music: Ezequiel Abregu
Programming: Luciano Toledo TOLCH, Juan León Sarmiento
Constanza Casamadrid
Video: Ezequiel Steinman

Laboratory equipment OPEN P TRACK + TOUCH DESIGNER
Jeff Burke – Director.
Santiago Núñez – Co-Director.
Belén Tondo – Producer.
Francisca Armando – Producer.
Jared J. Stein – Resident artist / mentor, writer and playwright.
Matthew Ragan – Resident / mentor artist, interactive media.
Peter Gusev – Resident / mentor artist, software development.
Zoe Sandoval – Resident artist, interactive media.
Randy Illum – Resident artist, information studies.
Sam Amin – Resident artist, software development.
Renee MacDonald – REMAP project coordinator.
Jael Díaz Vila – Graphic Design.