Ezequiel Abregu

Sound ::: Art ::: Reasearch

Urban Bosque (2018)

URBAN BOSQUE was conceived of on three poetic points:

  •  Organicity: understood as the extension of the body’s own gesture through sound discourse,
  •  Spontaneity: taken as the matrix of artistic composition, generating stories that unite the pieces,
  • Urban Environment: considered influence of the contemporary city in an immersive sound context.


The instruments chosen consist of a wide range of analog synthesizers, voices, electric guitar, zither and a variety of native wind instruments. URBAN BOSQUE tries to investigate the intrinsic organicity of electric-analogue sound and the dialogue produced by acoustic instruments.

URBAN BOSQUE intends to establish the relationship between electricity, as a generator of sound, and the energy (mechanical, wind, electric) that comes from the body that excites the various acoustic instruments.